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Units for Sale

The six large partnerships we created have 100 units of capital in each, and occasionally for various reasons some of these units come up for sale. We do not actively market them but will facilitate transactions between the sellers and buyers. Sometimes existing partners buy them, but they can also be available for sale on the open market.

Below we have given the sum invested to date in each unit and our assessment of current unit value. (A 'unit' is 1% of partnership capital)

✱ Please note however, that we are not valuers and 'Our Value' is not to be taken as a valuation. It is merely an approximation, partly based on the latest annual valuation we get for the partnership’s last Financial Statements. Forest valuations of immature forests are quite ‘theoretical’ so can only ever be considered estimations. Therefore these values below are best considered as approximately what we may sell for if we were the owner. It is up to sellers and buyers what they actually trade for. And please note that they do not account for Carbon Credits which may in due course add some extra value.

There are usually a few units for sale at any particular time. If you are interested please call or email to discuss or make an offer, and we will liaise with the owner(s).

All of our partnerships have three or more forest stands and all except one has Douglas-fir as well as Radiata pine. Across all of them there are a considerable variety of forest sites and locations. If you are interested, you can see a little about each partnership and some photographs of the various partnerships' stands through the pages marked Our Forests. Or you can contact us for more detail or to discuss the merits of forest investment.

You can also get good information from the latest Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements which are on the Annual Reports, Accounts & Photos page.

Partnership Formed Forest Stands Invested 'Our Value' ✱ Units For Sale
Amuri Hills 1995 5 $9,700 $27,000 1
Six Hills 1996 6 $10,700 $29,000 1
Insignis 1997 3 $17,500 $48,000 0
Triple Ridge 1999 4 $11,500 $22,000 0
Mt Whitnow 2001 5 $6,600 $15,000 1
Seventh 2003 4 $6,800 $13,500 1